Academic Resource Development, and Internationalization [Newsletter]

For the past three years, the SNMA has partnered with Nene Katey Ocansey I Learning and Technology Center, NekoTech, a community based organization, to launch […]

Programs & Courses Offered

For Local Students in Ghana

  1. Study skills for Life
  2. Study Technology
  3. Basic Study Manual
  4. Internet Technology
  5. Computer Technology
  6. Health Education: HIV/AIDS
  7. Self Improvement: Mission Success
  8. A Pathway to Peace: The Songor Project
  9. The Wetlands Project
  10. Exchange programs with USA schools

For International Students – Summer 2001 Courses

These courses will be offered during the summer of 2001.

Each course is 24 days long – plus 4 days of personal time and includes site visits, creation of a website (lessons provided), classroom lecture and interviewing of community members and opinion leaders.

Members will be picked up from the airport and returned to the airport at the end of each course. Students are housed in a dormitory on the school campus, with meals, ground transportation and bikes provided. Dates for course tracks are:

  1. June 1- 28
  2. July 1- 28
  3. August 1 – 28


  1. Study Technology
  2. Basic Study Manual
  3. The Slavery Project
  4. Operation: Go Away, Poverty / Food for All through technology
  5. SAD/ Students Assisting the Deprived / The Ada Project
  6. Clean Water for Ada Project – Wells and Pumps
  7. Continents can Connect – Festivals and /governance/Chieftiancy
  8. The Medical Mission – HIV/AIDS Prevention
  9. eChronicles – Newsletter / Journal
  10. Exchange Program with USA Schools


Air Round trip – NYC/DC – Accra – NYC/DC   $1200

Lodging- dormitory facility @ $15/day X 23         $345

Meals  3/day @ 10/meal X 23                               $690

Ground Transportation $10 x 23                           $230

Tuition & Books                                                   $500

Registration                                                         $100

Communication/Recreation fees                             $200

Administrative                                                       $135

        Total                                                                 $3400

Plan for an extra $200 for the four personal days for housing, meals, gifts extra planned optional group travel, etc.

Students may take up to two courses per semester and are welcome to stay to take courses in each of the three terms.

Organizer’s Background

Royal Goldtech, Ghana

Royal GoldTech is a Technological & Economic Development Consultancy credited with custom two-way Trade Missions between the UK, USA and Ghana for several clients including major corporations like the USA TV Shopping Channel, QVC, Avon Products of the US, several celebrities including Mr. Isaac Hayes Ms. Nancy Cartwright (Voice of Bart Simpson) Ronnie Laws and Black US organizations including the National Black MBA, Simply TV, The World Literacy Crusade, Applied Scholastics, Celebrity Centre International, ABLE, Schools-Online, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Golden Era Productions and from the UK, the African and Caribbean Finance Forum, the Windsor Fellowship and many more.

Technological Development consultancy clientele includes the UNDP-ICR-RE Division, Johnson & Johnson and Ghana Ministry of Mines. We have also conducted Trade Missions from Ghana to the USA for GIPC to the NBMBA Conference as well as set up training programs in the USA in the salt industry for our clients for trainees from Ghana. We liase with top governmental bodies to provide total investment tour packages, matchmaking forums made up of high-level private and governmental sectors, your own private economic attaché and optional follow-up consultancy services to ensure continuity after you leave your investment location.

Leave the details to us that you can focus on your business.

So sign up today for an economic, spiritual and social adventure of a lifetime.

For more Information please contact:

In the USA:
201-401-5259 Tel

In Ghana
233-24-5111-805 Mobile
233-20-8140066 Mobile
Or Visit our

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