About Us


Neko Tech is a non-profit Non Governmental Organization located in the rural village of Ada, Ghana in West Africa. It was founded and co-founded in August 1998 by Nene Katey Ocansey I (a.k.a. Mr. Isaac Hayes), King for Development of Ada and Naa Asie Ocansey, a princess from the village of Ada. Ada is designated as a deprived area in rural Ghana, with very little development.

With the assistance of the Isaac Hayes Foundation, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, founder of the World Literacy Crusade, World Literacy Crusade board members, Applied Scholastics, Network Computer Systems, Mr. Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright (Voice of Bart Simpson) and Bob Johnson of BET-TV and Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho McNeil, the Neko Tech Center building project in Ada was completed on July 30, 2000. The 8,000 sq. foot world-class technology center was commissioned by government officials, chiefs, local community members as well as several international dignitaries and celebrities.

Our Mission

To facilitate the quality of life of under served populations, particularly in rural Africa, through education in technology,  healthcare, economic development and entertainment.

Our Vision

To become a sustainable world class institution and research facility that re-educates rural Africans to enable them to fully participate in the new networked economy and to sensitize the international community, students, stakeholders and donors to rural development issues by the collaborative development of scaleable pilot projects that will effectively eradicate illiteracy, alleviate poverty and improve health and life in general especially for the poor.

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